Every Thursday morning I get up with the birds. I put my backpack on my back, lace my boots and make sure my camera battery is fully charged. Thursday is hiking day. It has been for the past year of my life and probably will be till the day that I have to accept that old age has caught up with me. I can't believe all the beauty that I've discovered in this past year has always been right here, under my nose. I'd like to share some of my experiences, as seen through my camera lens, with you. Who knows, you might be inspired to go out and buy yourself a pair of hiking boots as well...

January 2011 - Cape Town, South Africa

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nestled in the Winelands - a Pearl of a Mountain...

Last Thursday we headed out to the town of Paarl where we tackled the famous Paarl Mountain, also known as Paarl Rock. The mountain overlooks the sleepy little winelands town and consists of a huge granite rock, characterised by three distinct outcrops. Read more about the town and it's distinct mountain here.

As the photographs prove, we had lovely weather. It was quite windy at the top but as soon as we headed back down we were totally sheltered once again. The only shadow cast on this day was the fact that I lost one of my walking poles. We went back and retraced our steps but alas, my stick has been claimed by the mountain. It's a little sad for me as this is one of the set that helped me up Kilimanjaro, so needless to say, I was not impressed with myself. Anyway, my fellow hikers have told me that I can finally call myself a true hiker, as losing a walking pole for the first time is the true qualifier!

Lately I've noticed a heart shaped object on every walk that we've undertaken. Sometimes it's in the form of a leaf, sometimes it's in the form of a stone and sometimes it's even in the branch of a tree. I'm going to attempt to capture this on camera in future and will always post it as the last picture in every post.

This week the heart shape that really jumped out at me was perfectly formed in a tree that we passed. I definitely feel the presence of our creator out there in nature and I'd like to believe that these hearts that keep appearing is mere confirmation of what makes the world go round!

Enjoy the pics!

As is evident in this blog, hiking in Cape Town is a truly special experience and can be enjoyed almost year round!  If you ever visit our part of the world and would like to experience what hiking in the Cape is all about, contact hikingisfun@telkomsa.net.

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  1. I love the idea that you are going to post a heart from nature in each blog post! I'd love it if you'd share the photo if you make comments on my posts - see the end of each of my blog posts for instructions on how to post a photo in the comment box.

    I'm sorry you lost a walking stick - I bet that one was special since you took it up Kilimanjaro. I can't hike the distances I used to so I love your posts and photos. They always amaze me - your part of the world is so different from mine and I learn so much :D

    Regards, Mari



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