Every Thursday morning I get up with the birds. I put my backpack on my back, lace my boots and make sure my camera battery is fully charged. Thursday is hiking day. It has been for the past year of my life and probably will be till the day that I have to accept that old age has caught up with me. I can't believe all the beauty that I've discovered in this past year has always been right here, under my nose. I'd like to share some of my experiences, as seen through my camera lens, with you. Who knows, you might be inspired to go out and buy yourself a pair of hiking boots as well...

January 2011 - Cape Town, South Africa

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A mushroomy day...

You know you're a serious hiker when you get up in the dark and sit and wait in the rain for the daylight, just so that you can head up the mountain! That's exactly what our little group of four girls did today.

Note I said four girls - not one gentleman ventured out today!

Well, I suppose you can say we've lost it but there really is something special about walking in the Newlands Forest in the rain. The wild mushrooms create fairytale scenes and noisy little streams meandering down the mountain complete the magic.

Unfortunately for one member of our little party the day took a bad turn when she slipped on the wet wooden walkway and she is now nursing a fractured wrist. It just brought home how very easy things can go wrong on the mountain.

Good to know however that we are in good hands. Having a confident, qualified guide lead the hikes that you choose to join is imperative and today I realised again that we certainly are blessed with such a guide in Irene.

As for photos - taking pics when its wet is a challenge as you really have to concentrate on the path ahead of you. Here are the few I managed to snap - as I type this I'm wrapped up in a warm blanket enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate, surrounded by my four dogs.

A perfectly good second-best option of enjoying a winters day in Cape Town!


  1. You Go, Girls....
    Your pictures are breathtaking and I had forgotten it is winter there. Are the mushrooms edible?

    Have a glorious weekend!

  2. Great post! I'd love the hiking and the photography but would be worried about eating the mushrooms. My Dad knew edible mushrooms and used to look for them in the woods. They were tasty!

    Regards, Mari


  3. Beautiful environment. Hope your friend's wrist heal up fast.

  4. Shawn & Mari - Some of the mushrooms are indeed edible but I would never take a chance myself! I'm pretty sure nothing in my pictures can be eaten but it sure is lovely to look at!

    MaxMom - My friend had to have an op before the end of the day! Just shows you how unpredictable life can be!


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